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Reaction to Google's privacy bombshell

Many believe with this latest revelation, Google has admitted crossing the creepy line. —Business Insider

Google is either lying to the court or lying to the public. —Consumer Watchdog

Google's recent "no legitimate expectation of privacy [in email]" statement set off a media and consumer affairs frenzy.

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    Google Accused of Wiretapping in Gmail Scans

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Latest privacy gaffe

Google must stand trial for Wi-Fi data grab

Google's Street View cars secretly wiretapped Wi-Fi routers in the US and 30 countries, and lied about it. The court says Google may be held liable for wiretapping and stealing personal data, such as emails and passwords.

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Scroogled through the years

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  • Google settles Federal Trade Commission charges 'that it used deceptive tactics and violated its own privacy promises to consumers when it launched its social network, Google Buzz, in 2010.'

    March 30, 2011
  • The Federal Communications Commission fines Google $25,000, for 'impeding a U.S. investigation into the Web search leader's data collection for its Street View project, which allows users to see street level images when they map a location.'

    April 13, 2012
  • Aug. 9, 2012

    Google agrees to pay a $22.5 million fine to the FTC for making a false promise about cookie tracking to users of Apple's Safari web browser that 'they would automatically be opted out of such tracking, as a result of the default settings of the Safari browser used in Macs, iPhones and iPads.'

  • Google Play found to share users personally identifiable information (name, email, and zip code), without their permission, every time they buy an app from the app store.

    Feb. 13, 2013
  • March 8, 2013

    Google Glass prompts its first usage ban: a Seattle bar bans the wearable device over recording and privacy concerns.

  • Google settles with 38 U.S. State Attorney Generals by paying a $7 million dollar fine for the unauthorized collection of private Wi-Fi data through its Street View image canvasing program.

    March 12, 2013
  • Google defends its practice of going through your Gmail by claiming “a person has no legitimate expectation of privacy in information he voluntarily turns over to third parties, in a brief filed recently with federal courts."

    August 12, 2013
  • August 19, 2013

    After being accused of secretly tracking and invading the privacy of iPhone users, Google claims that it cannot be held accountable under UK law, an issue for which Google was fined $22.5 million by the US Federal Trade Commission.

  • Federal Appeals court ruled that Google could be held liable under the Wiretap Act for secretly intercepting data on WiFi routers across the United States. Google gathered personal data, such as passwords and emails, and later lied about it.

    Sept. 10, 2013
  • Sept. 27, 2013

    A Federal judge said Google may have illegally wiretapped hundreds of millions of email users as it scanned the personal content of messages sent to and from Gmail accounts to target ads to users.


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Google’s ongoing use of invasive tactics to maximize their advertising profits.


2. The Google practice of going through your personal Gmail for keywords so they can target you with ads.

See also: bug; eavesdrop; eyeball; listen in; observe; peek; peer; pry; scan; snoop; spy; tap; wiretap.

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